Case Studies on some of the women who have been empowered through G.R.O.W.

1. Hannah.


After completing high school, Hannah was offered an opportunity to attend seamstress school. There she learned how to sew her own clothes, bags and other necessities. Hannah has since returned to the Nyobok region to run the community resource centre, where she teaches other young women to sew. 

“Because of GROW I am now living as a human being.”

— Hannah


2. Lahar.


Lahar is a local farmer. She is also a widow with 4 young children to care for. During the dry months when farming isn't viable, she makes shea oil to sell at the local markets. Making shea oil is a long and arduous process. To start the shea nuts are picked by hand and fermented for weeks. Once adequately fermented, the nuts are cracked, roasted and ground to produce a liquid similar to chocolate sauce. Next, water is mixed by hand to create a paste, which is worked by hand until the oil and liquid separates from the solid particles. The liquid is once again heated to allow the oil to separate. Once the oil has been separated it is sifted off and bottled. GROW was able to purchase an electric mill to aid with grinding step. Originally the women would hand grind the nuts with a hand mill, adding hours to the already long process.

"My wish is for my children to grow up to take care of me and have bright futures"

- Lahar