Our Vision-

Empowered women create strong, healthy communities.

Ghana Rural Opportunities for Women (Project GROW) is a community development project, which aims to facilitate women's economic empowerment and community capacity building agenda in rural Ghana.

Project GROW began as a result of the research of international graduate student Vida Yakong, who is from the region and was researching the barriers that prevented women in Northern Rural Ghana from accessing rural health clinics. The reasons were poverty.

In 2007, Project GROW asked local members in the Nabdam District, what it would take to help them become self-sufficient. The women answered with a simple list of items: donkeys and carts, goats, micro-loans, grinding mill, ploughs, water barrels and mosquito nets. This simple list would do powerful work - build capacity, increase well-being of their families, and bring economic activity.

It is also a model that we hope can inspire other, similar initiatives. Embracing an opportunity to connect Dr. Yakong's research with global citizenship objectives.


"The purpose of the women’s group is to foster unity, peace and support for one another in the community. Working together as a group help's advocate for women’s empowerment."


Dr. Vida Yakong -Founder